Session Timetable-Technical Program Summary

      Thursday, October  29                                           


    TS1:Tutorial 1 (Dr. Mahendra Mallick: Space Object Tracking)


    TS2:Tutorial 2 (Dr. Reza Hoseinnezhad: Recent Developments in Multi-Bernoulli Solutions for Multi Target Tracking Problems)

      Friday, October  30                                            


    PT1: Plenary Talk 1(Prof. Robert Mahony: State estimation and Control for Quadrotor Robotic Vehicles)


    PS1:Poster Session 1


    SP1: Special Presentation(Prof. Ba-Ngu Vo: Beyond the PHD filter) 


    FSS1: Finite Set Statistics 1

    IP1: Image Processing 1

    IC: Intelligent Control


    PS2:Poster Session 2


    FSS2: Finite Set Statistics 2

    IP2: Image Processing 2

    NS: Nonlinear System

    Saturday, October  31                                            


    PT1: Plenary Talk 2

    (Prof. Simon Julier: Distributed Multi-Target Fusion of PHD Filters via Exponential Mixture Densities ) 


    PS3:Poster Session 3


    TT1: Target Tracking 1

    MS1: Modeling and Simulation 1

    AC: Adaptive Control


    TT2: Target Tracking 2

    MS2: Modeling and Simulation 2

    L/NC: Linear/Nonlinear Control



    Thursday, October 29


    Room: Menglan Hall

    Chair: Martin D Adams

    14:00 – 15:40    Space Object Tracking

                        Mahendra Mallick

    15:40 – 17:30    Recent Developments in Multi-Bernoulli Solutions for Multi Target Tracking Problems

                        Reza Hoseinnezhad

    Friday, October 30

    09:10 -10:20

    PT1: Plenary Talk 1

    Room: Fangta Hall

    Chair: Ba-Ngu Vo     

    State estimation and Control for Quadrotor Robotic Vehicles High

    Robert Mahony


    10:20 -10:50

    PS1: Poster Session 1

    Room: Fangta Hall       

    Chair:Jeonghwan Gwak

    Decoupling Active and Passive Hybrid Radial Magnetic Bearing

    Shupei Li; Jingyu Wang; Liwei Song; Size Li; Xiaofei Lei

    Research on Geologic Adaptive Control of Ground Pressure for Single Gripping TBM

    Yunyi Rao; Guofang Gong; Xu Yang; Jianjun Zhou

    The Design and Applications for Straightening Exceeded Value of Elevator Guide Rail Based on Neural Network

    Wenhao Yuan; Cheng Huang; Shiyun Wu; Zhiliang Xu

    Beaconless Dual-channel Real-time Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

    Chao Huang

    Ground Target Detection in LiDAR Point Clouds Using AdaBoost

    Wenguang Zhang

    Domain Adaptation Via Support Vector Machine Based on Scatter Difference

    Wenhao Ying; Jun Wang; Conghua Xie; Huan Dai; Shengrong Gong

    Dynamic Output Feedback H-infinity Control of Networked Control System with Independent Time-Delay

    Yan Zhou; Yongjian Chen

    Applying Dynamic Programming to HEV Powertrain Based on EVT

    Zetao Ma; Shumei Cui; Shupei Li

    Study on Arc Welding Robot Weld Seam Touch Sensing Location Method for Structural Parts of Hull

    Fei Gao; Qinglan Chen; Lanzhong Guo  

    A Linear Active Disturbance Rejection Control Approach for Near Space Vehicle Autopilot

    Hui Li

    Fine Space Teleoperation Method Based on Multi-information Fusion Perception

    Zhong Shi; Xuexiang Huang; Jixiang Cui

    A Systematic Framework for Real-time Online Multi-object Tracking

    Gyeong-soo Noh; Jeonghwan Gwak; Moongu Jeon



    SP1: Special Presentation 1

    Beyond the PHD Filter

    Prof. Ba-Ngu Vo

    Room: Fangta Hall



    FSS1: Finite Set Statistics 1

    Room: Menglan Hall

    Chair: Benlian Xu

    14:00-14:20    A Brief Survey of Advances in Random-Set Fusion

                     Ronald P. S. Mahler

    14:20-14:40    A Dense Clutter Sparse Algorithm for the Random Finite Set Filters

                     Weifeng Liu; Chenglin Wen; Hailong Cui

    14:40-15:00    Multi-Bernoulli Filter Based Sensor Selection with Limited Sensing Range for Multi-Target Tracking

                     Du Yong Kim; Ma Liang; Moongu Jeon

    15:00-15:20    CPHD Filter for Multi-Target Tracking

                     Meng Liang  

    15:20-15:40    Iterative-Mapping PHD Filter for Extended Targets Tracking

                     Biao Dai; Cuiyun Li


    IC1: Intelligent Control 1

    Room: Zhitang Hall

    Chair: Moongu Jeon

    14:00-14:20    Research on Degree of Video Completion of Internet Videos with Clustering Algorithms

                     Jiawei He; Anming Wei; Yingyun Yang; Wenhui Dong

    14:20-14:40   Sliding Mode Position/Force Control for Constrained Reconfigurable Manipulator Based on Adaptive Neural Network

                     Guogang Wang; Bo Dong; Shuai Wu; Yuanchun Li

    14:40-15:00    Improved SVM Method for Internet Traffic Classification Based on Feature Weight Learning

                     Shengnan Hao; Jing Hu; Songyin Liu; Tiecheng Song; Jinghong Guo; Shi-dong Liu

    15:00-15:20    Real Time Road Edges Detection and Road Signs Recognition

                     Viktor Malichenko

    15:20-15:40    An Incremental Learning Approach for Restricted Boltzmann Machines

                     Jongmin Yu; Jeonghwan Gwak; Sejeong Lee; Moongu Jeon


    IP1: Image Processing 1  

    Room: Meili Hall

    Chair: Reza Hoseinnezhad 

    14:00-14:20    A Simple Real-time Image Cloning Algorithm Based on Modified Mean-Value Coordinates

                     Yehu Shen; Lei Wei; Qiming Xu; Zhenyun Peng; Qicong Wang    

    14:20-14:40    Dynamically Optimizing Face Recognition Using PCA

                     Zhihong Zhao; Beibei Li 

    14:40-15:00    A New Segmentation Method for Connected Characters in CAPTCHA

                     PengPeng Lu; Liang Shan; Li Jun; Xunwei Liu

    15:00-15:20    Source Number Estimation Algorithm of FECG Based on Sparse Blind Source Separation Analysis

                     Beihai Tan; Jinrong Lin; Qiuming Peng; Weijun Li

    15:20-15:40    Road Edge Detection Based on Lidar Laser

                     Valentyna Aloshyna



    PS2: Poster Session 2

    Room: Fangta Hall

    Chair: Peiyi Zhu 

    Performance Analysis of a Smart Skin Radar Stealth Device

    Tang Guangfu; Li Hua; Gan Rongbing

    D-Wave Quantum Computing Ising Model: A Case Study for the Forecasting of Heat Waves

    Dmytro Zubov; Francesco Volponi; Mahdi Khosravy

    Research on Active Control of Axial Flow Fan Noise Using a Novel and Simplified Duct System

    Wan Li; Zhao Jing

    3D Image Scaling of Spinning Target Via Wideband and Narrowband Radar Networking

    Xiaowei Hu; Ningning Tong; Yongshun Zhang; Yuchen Wang

    Research on the Control of Flexible Double Inverted Pendulum System Based on Improved Boundary Layer of Sliding Mode

    Jue Wang; Mujun Xie; Yuanchun Li; Qichen Jia; Qi Zhang

    Theory and Simulation Analysis of FSM Used in Internal Corrosion Monitoring for Oil&Gas Pipeline

    Jiao Duan; Yu Shan

    The Method of Detecting Pulmonary Nodules by Snake Model

    Zhou Kaijun

    Adaptive Backstepping Fast Terminal Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Reconfigurable Manipulators Based on Bio Inspired Strategies

    Na Zheng; YanLi Du; Qinghua Bai; Yong Wu

    An Improved GM-PHD Tracker with Track Management for Multiple Target Tracking

    Huanqing Zhang; Jinlong Yang; Hongwei Ge; Le Yang

    Road Edge Detection Based on Improved RANSAC and 2D LIDAR Data

    Xiangdong Wang; Yunfei Cai; Tingmin Shi

    An Error-Revision-Based Method for Very Short-Term Wind Speed Prediction Using Wavelet Transform and Support Vector Machine

    Xuewei Duan; Ruiqi Wang; Yong Zhang; Shumin Sun; Chengyu Lang; Qingquan Li

    Object Recognition Using Depth Information of a Consumer Depth Camera

    Jie Sheng Tham; Yoong Choon Chang; Mohammad Faizal Ahmad Fauzi; Jeonghwan Gwak



    FSS2: Finite Set Statistics 2

    Room: Menglan Hall

    Chair: Weifeng Liu

    16:10-16:30    Derivation of the PHD Filter Based on Direct Kullback-Leibler Divergence Minimisation

                     Ángel F. García-Fernández; Ba-Ngu Vo

    16:30-16:50    OSPA-Based Sensor Control

                     Amirali Khodadadian Gostar; Reza Hoseinnezhad; Alireza Bab-Hadiashar; Francesco Papi

    16:50-17:10    Cluster-based Efficient Particle PHD Filter

                     Junjie Wang; Lingling Zhao; Xiaohong Su; Rui Sun; Jiquan Ma

    17:10-17:30    A Multi-sensor Generalized Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter Via Extended Association Map

                     Weifeng Liu; Baishen Wei; Shujun Zhu

    17:30-17:50    A Dirac Delta Mixture-Based Random Finite Set Filter

                     Javier Correa; Martin D Adams; Claudio A Perez


    IP2: Image Processing 2  

    Room: Meili Hall

    Chair: Martin D Adams

    16:10-16:30    Image Segmentation Based on Evidential Markov Random Field Model

                     Zhe Zhang; Yi Yang; Deqiang Han

    16:30-16:50    Fast and Low Complexity Image Stitching Method on Mobile Phones

                     Wuxia Yan; Chuancai Liu; Wei Luo

    16:50-17:10    3D Medical Image Fusion Using Dual Tree Complex Wavelet Transform

                     Arati Kushwaha; Ashish Khare; Om Prakash; Jong-In Song; Moongu Jeon

    17:10-17:30    A Structure-aware Despeckling Method of SAR Image

                     Xin Jin; Wang Xiaotong; Xu Xiaogang; Yi Chengtao

    17:30-17:50    New Approach to Automatically Collect Good Samples to Train a Vehicle Image-Classifier

                     Chang-Yon Kim; Seongjong Noh; Hae-Rim Shin; Moongu Jeon


    NS1: Nonlinear Systems 1  

    Room: Zhitang Hall

    Chair: Jeonghwan Gwak

    16:10-16:30    The Improved Method of Circuit Implement for a New Chaotic System

                     Peng Zhao; Liang Shan; Li Jun; Shi Wan

    16:30-16:50    Longitudinal Characteristics of Steady Glide Trajectory for Hypersonic Vehicle

                     Jinchuan Hu; Jinglin Li; Wanchun Chen

    16:50-17:10    Levenberg-Marquardt Iterative Algorithm for Hammerstein Nonlinear Systems

                      Lincheng Zhou; Xiangli Li; Huigang Xu; Peiyi Zhu 

    17:10-17:30    Modeling and Control of Distributed Generation Under Distorted and Unbalanced Conditions

                      Ruiqi Wang; Shumin Sun; Yong Zhang; Peng Zhao; Peng Yu; Xin Wang; Qingbo Mao

    17:30-17:50    Adaptive Soft Sensor for Online Prediction Based on Enhanced Moving Window GPR

                      Zhang Wei; Li Yanjun; Xiong Weili; Xu Baoguo

    Saturday, October 31


    PT2: Plenary Talk 2

    Distributed Multi-Target Fusion of PHD Filters via Exponential Mixture Densities

    Prof. Simon Julier

    Room: Fangta Hall

    Chair: Ba-Ngu Vo



    PS3: Poster Session 3

    Room: Fangta Hall

    Chair: Peiyi Zhu 

    A Localization Method with Dynamic Weight Argument Based on Gaussian Mixed Model

    Liangfeng Chen; Xiaofeng Li; Jianping Wang; Qiyue Li; Wei Sun

    Explicit Filtering Equations for Labelled Random Finite Sets

    Angel F.García-Fernández; Mark Morelande

    A Multi-objective Feature Selection Based on Differential Evolution

    Yong Zhang; Miao Rong; Dunwei Gong

    Improved Algorithm for Zernike Moments

    Yun Guo; Chunping Liu; Shengrong Gong

    A New Disocclusion Filling Approach in Depth Image Based Rendering for Stereoscopic Imaging

    Hanxiong Yin; Liming Zhang; Guibo Luo; Yuesheng Zhu

    Fast Assessment of Freshness of White Shrimp Via a Modified Unsupervised Discriminant Projection Technique

    Peiyi Zhu

    A Kind of PTZ Stabilization System in Ocean Buoy Based on the Gyroscope and Electronic Compass Module

    Xiaoying Wang; Yingge Chen; Zhi Lin

    Weighted Measurement Fusion Fractional Order Kalman Estimator

    Xiaojun Sun; Guangming Yan; Bo Zhang

    Bionic Camouflage Underwater Acoustic Communication Based on Sea Lion Sounds

    Yichao Jia; Guangjie Liu; Zhang Lihua

    A Hierarchical Trust Model for Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Network

    Li Ma; Guangjie Liu

    Designing Snort Rules to Detect Abnormal DNP3 Network Data

    Hao LI; Guangjie Liu; Weiwei Jiang; Yuewei Dai



    AC1: Adaptive Control 1

    Room: Zhitang Hall

    Chair: Tri Tran, C.

    10:20-10:40    Forecast of PV Power Generation Based on Residual Correction of Markov Chain

                     Ding Kun; Feng Li; Wang Xiang; Mao Jing

    10:40-11:00    Dissipativity Constraint for Distributed Power System State Estimation

                     Tri Tran, C.

    11:00-11:20    Constrained Generalized Predictive Control for Propulsion Motor of Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

                     Xuliang Yao; Guangyi Yang

    11:20-11:40    Comparison Between Frequency Splitting Approach and Fuzzy Logic Control as an Energy Control Strategy in Hybrid Vehicles

                     Zheng Xu; Longfei Chen; Yuning Jiang

    11:40-12:00    Adaptive Surface Shape Control for Magnetic Fluid Deformable Mirrors

                     Mingshuang Huang; Zhizheng Wu


    MS1: Modeling and Simulation 1  

    Room: Meili Hall

    Chair: Weifeng Liu

    10:20-10:40    Realization of an Improved Path Planning Strategy

                     Muhammad Majid Gulzar; Qiang Ling; Sajid Iqbal; Muhammad Yaqoob Javed

    10:40-11:00    Two-stage Recursive Least Squares Method for Modeling Power Signals

                     Xiangli Li; Lincheng Zhou

    11:00-11:20    A Modified Differential Evolution with a Random Disturbance Mechanism for Global Optimization

                     Jiahuan He; Xiangdong Wang

    11:20-11:40    Decoupling Active and Passive Hybrid Axial and Radial Magnetic Bearing

                     Shupei Li; Size Li; Jingyu Wang; Liwei Song; Xiaofei Lei

    11:40-12:00    Co-simulation and Parameters Identification Algorithm Research of Servo System Based on Dynamic Module

                     Weiwei Yang; Liang Shan; Yuanxin Qu; Binbin Yang; Jiafeng Sun


    TT1: Target Tracking 1

    Room: Menglan Hall

    Chair: Mahendra Mallick

    10:20-10:40    Iterative Joint Integrated Particle Filter Data Association for Multitarget Tracking in Clutter

                     Yi Fang Shi; Sa Yong Chong; Taek Lyul Song

    10:40-11:00    Tracking Multiple Pedestrians Through Detection Failures in Videos

                     Zhengqiang Jiang; Benlian Xu

    11:00-11:20    Boost-Phase Guidance with Neural Network for Interception of Ballistic Missile

                     Jing Zhang; Liuqiu You; Wanchun Chen

    11:20-11:40    CPAFC-Based Radar Seeker Velocity Tracking Loop Design

                     Bingbing Jiang

    11:40-12:00    Tracking of Space Debris Via CPHD and Consensus

                     Baishen Wei; Brett Nener; Weifeng Liu



    L/NC1: Linear/Nonlinear Control 1

    Room: Zhitang Hall

    Chair: Liang Shan

    14:00-14:20    Combined Controls of Floating Container Cranes

                     Le Tuan; Pham Van Trieu

    14:20-14:40    Soft-constraint Based Satisfactory Fault-tolerant Control for Discrete-time Systems

                     Dengfeng Zhang

    14:40-15:00    Robust Variance Control for A Class of Nonlinear Discrete Systems with Uncertainties and Time-Delay

                     Jingbo Chen; Zijian Liu

    15:00-15:20    Non-fragile Fault-tolerant Guaranteed Cost Control for Nonlinear Networked Control System

                     Yue-ming Zhi; Shun Jiang; Feng Pan

    15:20-15:40    Precise Trajectory Tracking for UAV Based on Active Disturbance Rejection Control

                     Honglun Wang; Xiao-feng Zhang


    MS2: Modeling and Simulation 2

    Room: Meili Hall

    Chair: Reza Hoseinnezhad 

    14:00-14:20    Adaptive Sliding Mode-Based Direct Yaw Moment Control for Electric Vehicles

                     Chunyun Fu; Minghui Hu

    14:20-14:40    Effectiveness Evaluation-Oriented Transport Aircraft Mission Simulation System

                     Jing Zang; Hu Liu; Zhizhong Zhao; Yongjun He

    14:40-15:00    A New Test and Identification Method of MAV Electric Propulsion Unit

                     Xiaopeng Xi; Baiwei Guo

    15:00-15:20    Analysis and Experimental Verification of a Controllable Five-bar Parallel Kinematic Manipulator

                     ZhiLi Hou; Ruiqin Li; Wenge Wu; Huibin Qin

    15:20-15:40    Numerical Simulation of Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Underwater Snake-like Robot

                     Chen Yong; Qiu Zhaoding


    TT2: Target Tracking 2

    Room: Menglan Hall

    Chair: Benlian Xu

    14:00-14:20    Design and Simulation for Sensor Network Performance Evaluation System Based on Matlab GUI

                     Zhu Shucai; Qin Ningning; Zheng Xin; Xiong Weili

    14:20-14:40    A Generalized Data Association Approach for Cell Tracking in High-Density Population

                     Benlian Xu; Yayun Ren

    14:40-15:00    Multiple Cells Tracking by Firework Algorithm

                     Jian Shi

    15:00-15:20    Critical Analysis of the Particle Flow Filter

                     Mahendra Mallick; Sindhu B.